In 1909 the coal car ferry "Marquette & Bessemer No. 2" sank in Lake Erie.  To this day the ship has not been found. Her Captain was Donald and Isabella's fifth child Robert Rowan McLeod and the First Mate was his older brother John C. McLeod.

Many short stories have been written about this wreck (some complete fiction) but one stands out as a tribute to the crew of the M&B#2.

"Long Gone: The Mystery of the Marquette & Bessemer No. 2." is a historic novel written by David R. Frew and is well worth the price for anyone interested in a little more of our family history.

All families have their individual stories,
and ours is no different.
Here are just a few.

In September of 1971 Donna McLeod Rodebaugh published a short family history that chronicled the life of Hugh Donald McLeod as well as his family.
A copy of the family history is available here in a two part PDF file.  

Part 1 pages 1 -13

Part 2 pages 14 - 34